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I have been advised the identity verification I provided is not sufficient. What documentation is acceptable?
If you have received a request to provide identity verification it must include both your date of birth and social security number. You may provide a combination of documents if necessary to support both your date of birth and social security number or one form that provides both. The following is a list of acceptable documents you should provide:

          • Birth Certificate

          • Certificate of US Citizenship

          • Certificate of Naturalization

          • Government Assistance Program

          • Military discharge documentation

          • Prior year’s state or federal tax return

          • Prior year’s Tribal tax return

          • Statement of benefits from a qualifying program

          • Social Security Card or SSA

          • Unexpired Permanent Resident Alien Card

          • Unexpired US government military issued ID

          • Unexpired driver’s license

          •· Unexpired Passport

          • Unexpired Permanent Resident Card

          • Unexpired US government state issued ID

          • Unexpired US Tribal issued ID

          • Unexpired weapons permit

          • W2 from with the last 2 years

          • Unemployment/workers’ compensation statement

Any questions you may have can be referred to the Texas Low-Income Discount Administrator at 1-866-454-8387.
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